Scope of Grant

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Grant Amount

The maximum amount of the grant support that can be allocated to a single institution by TÜBİTAK will be 20 Million TL, provided that the commitment of the institution to participate in the Fund is not less than 4 Million TL.


Scope and Rate of Support

50% of the contributions of TTOs, TDZs, and RIs for the early stage technology-based enterprises participating in the funds as investors will be supported by TÜBİTAK as grants. In addition, organizations will be provided with general expense support up to 10% of their contribution.

In addition, if requested, a pre-payment will be made to TTOs, TDZs and RIs up to 20% of the total amount committed by them in order to meet their cash requirement. As guarantee, a letter of guarantee issued by banks and financial institutions should be brought up to 25% more than the prepayment requested.

Required Conditions in Early Stage Technology Based Initiatives

SME-scale companies located in Türkiye that meet both conditions stated below are defined as early stage technology-based enterprises.

a) As of the date when the fund first invested in the venture, companies of SME scale whose maximum 10 calendar years have passed through the establishment date

b) SME scale companies that have received R&D and innovation project support from the public institutions and organizations specified in the Tech-InvesTR call as of the date of the submission of the term report and have successfully completed this project or whose project support continues

TÜBİTAK will support 50% of TTO/TDZ/RI's contributions to VC funds in the form of grants for investments to be made in these companies residing in Türkiye and having the above characteristics.