Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who can apply?

Capital companies settled in Turkey which are Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SMEs) may apply.

2. When to apply 1507 support program?

Applications to the 1507 - Initial R&D Support Program for SME’s are made according to call announcements. Call announcements may be followed at In general, two calls are opened annually, and generally, applications are made in January-February and July-August.

3. How to apply?

Project applications are made online at

4. In which subjects/domains should the project be?

Unless otherwise stated in the call announcement, there is no subject/domain limitation. R&D projects may be applied from all sectors and technology areas.

5. What is the funding rate and How much can the budget of a project be?

Unless stated otherwise in the call announcement, the funding rate is 75%. The total budget of a project is limited to 600.000TL. The support provided is in the form of grant (non-refundable).

6. What types of expenses are funded?

The following expenses related to the R&D studies of the project are funded:

a) Personnel expenses,

b) Travel expenses of the project staff (should be economy class and excludes urban transport)

c) Expenses of tools, equipment, software and publications (excluding expenses for production infrastructure),

d) Material and consumable expenses,

e) Domestic or international consultancy and other service procurement expenses (Certified Public Accountant and expenses of project documents preparation are included.)

f) R&D service expenses provided by universities, R&D units of TÜBİTAK, private sector R&D institutions or similar R&D institutions.

7. How many projects can be submitted?

There is no restriction for the number of applications. However, the first five projects of an company can be supported. At least two of the five projects must be partnership project.  After the first five funded projects, it is necessary to apply to other TÜBİTAK programs.

8. Can we apply for the projects, which we have already finished?

No. Projects whose R&D studies are completed before applying to TÜBİTAK are not supported.

9. Will I repay the fund?

Normally there is no refund. However, in projects which are canceled due to the intent of the organization, all payments made are taken back by applying interest at the rates specified in Law No. 6183 (see Article 51 of the 1507 Program Implementation Principles).

10. If the project fails, is it requested to repay the fund?

No, there is no such application.

11. Can we sell the project output?

Yes, you can sell the project output (NOTE: Support will be terminated if the project output is sold to a public institution).

12. Who owns the intellectual property rights of the project?

All intellectual and industrial rights that may arise in the project are transferred to the organization's disposal unless otherwise specified by the project contract. The usual practice is like this.

13. Can our competitors capture the information on our project?

TÜBİTAK keeps the information presented in the project confidential. Project information is considered "commercial confidential" or "service-specific" and is not transferred to anyone other than those involved in the assessment of funding.

14. How are the projects evaluated?

Projects are evaluated according to three main dimensions;

I. Dimension: Industrial R&D Content, Technology Level and Innovativeness of the Project

II. Dimension: Eligibility of Project Plan and Infrastructure of the Enterprise

III. Transformation of Project Outputs to Economic Benefit and National Outcome

After the eligibility check, projects are evaluated by experts in their fields. After the expert evaluation, the projects are scored by the relevant Steering Boards of technology groups within TEYDEB and submitted to the approval of TUBITAK President.