Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the program?

The program aims to create R&D platforms that will provide University-Industry cooperation.

Who can apply?

In the Project Brokerage Events, it is obligatory that at least one university and at least one or more of 

The Industry Chamber,

Chamber of Commerce,

Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Exporters' Association

are participants. Any of these participating organizations (university, chamber of industry, chamber of commerce, chamber of commerce and industry, exporters’ association) can apply to TÜBİTAK for Brokerage Events Grant Program.

When are the applications made?

Applications can be made on any working day of the year.

Which expenses are supported?

Printing and stationery expenses: Necessary printing and stationery expenses related to the event (invitation, posters, brochures, books, supplies, etc.)

Postal and courier expenses: Postal and courier expenses related to the event

Transportation and accommodation expenses: Intercity and international economy class transportation expenses (by airplane, train, bus, ship) of participants from universities and research institutions who will present their project ideas and daily accommodation expenses of participants up to 100 TL (maximum) are supported.


What is the total support amount?

The upper limit of the support budget is determined by TUBİTAK as 30.000 TL. In case of the participation of an international organization to the brokerage events (university, chamber of industry, chamber of commerce, chamber of commerce and industry, exporters’ association abroad) the upper limit is 40.000 TL.

When are the payments made?

Before the event, the support amount is transferred to the (newly opened) account of the supported projects.

What happens if the event is postponed?

In any case, TÜBİTAK is informed in writing. No further action will be taken if the postponement does not exceed 3 months. In the case of more than 3 months; If no spending has been made, the entire amount of the support and the rest will be returned to TÜBİTAK with the cut off account form.