1509 - TÜBİTAK International Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme

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The objective of the program is to create market focused R&D Projects between European countries and to increase cooperation between Europe wide firms, universities and research institutions, by using cooperation webs such as EUREKA.


There are mainly two phases of the operation for the programme:

  1. The application and evaluation phase: The company applies for the project. Then the project is taken for preliminary examination by a TEYDEB expert and sent to independent referees who will prepare the evaluation reports. Upon the completion of the evaluation reports the relevant technology group committee discusses the project proposal to give the final decision of acceptance or rejection.
  1. The monitoring and granting phase: For the accepted projects the project agreement is signed by the company and TUBITAK. Afterwards, the company can send the performance and expense reports to TUBITAK semi-annually during the project duration. The company’s expenses are examined and approved by Independent Finance Auditors. The project performance is followed up by the independent referee(s). The accepted amount of expenses are multiplied by the programme’s grant ratio and the respective amount of grant is deposited to the company’s account.