3001 - Starting R&D Projects Funding Program

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General Information about the Program
  • The Purpose of the Program,
    • The purpose of the program is to support the projects proposed by researchers who are from university, government institution and private R&D firms and do not participate in a project as a principal investigator granted by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) ARDEB (Research Support Programs Directorate).
  • Project Duration
    • The maximum project duration is 24 months for each project proposed under the program.
  • Project Budget
    • The maximum grant amount is 60.000 Turkish Liras (except for project promotion bonus for researchers and public and private institution allocation (ten percent of the total project budget)) regardless of the project duration.
  • Scholarship
    • Undergraduate Student: 500 TL/per month
    • Master’s Student: 2200 TL/per month
    • PHD Student: 2500 TL/per month
    • Post Doctorate: 2800 TL/per month
  • Travel Expenses
    • Upper limit for the expenses which cover to attend to a national or international scientific meeting or field work in a project budget is 10.000 TL. 
  • Dissemination Expenses
    • Upper limit for the expenses which cover to disseminate the results of a project in a budget is 5.000 TL.
  • Project Promotion Bonus for Researchers
    • There is a conditional Project Promotion Bonus under the program.
    • If the principal investigator is granted for a project under a different program (1001, 1003, 1005, 3501, 1007, COST and Bilateral Cooperation (except for a project funded for travel expenses) by TÜBİTAK ARDEB during the project duration or two years after which the granted project is ended under the current program, there will be a project promotion bonus calculated for research team (principal researchers, researchers and advisers).
Application Process
Monitoring Process
Program Rules
  • For information and questions about the program please call the number below
    • TÜBİTAK Call Center:
      • Domestic researchers: 444 66 90
      • International researchers: +90 312 444 66 90