Points to be considered in the Application

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Important Points to be considered during Application

The following points should be taken into consideration during the application:

  • The Principal Investigator (PI), researcher should register in the TUBITAK - Researcher Information System (ARBIS) Database and their records should be up-to-date,
  • The PI and researcher should reside in the territory of Republic of Turkey (Non-Turkish citizens can be principal investigator or researcher in a project if they are working in an institution located in Turkey.),
  • "Limits for Taking Part in Projects" for project executives and researchers should not be exceeded,
  • not to apply to another program with the same project proposal before the application evaluation is concluded (In case of more than one application, the first application is taken into consideration, the other project application is returned without being evaluated),
  • Filling all the titles in the application form completely and with sufficient information to evaluate the project scientifically,
  • Preparing the application form which should be uploaded to the Online Application System, in the desired format, filled in Turkish (excluding abstract in English and international publications given as reference) and the form should not exceed 12 pages except Annex-1 References and Annex-2 Budget and Justification,
  • If the application was made to TÜBİTAK previously with the same project proposal and the support of the project was not approved as a result of the panel evaluation, filling in the "Project Proposal Change Notification Form" panel report created automatically by the system in line with the information entered into the Electronic Application System,
  • If the same/similar project proposal has been applied previously and rejected as a result of scientific evaluation, “Project Proposal Modification From (Proje Önerisi Değişiklik Bildirim Formu)” formed automatically according to the information entered to the system, should be filled considering all the comments/corrections given in scientific evaluation report.
  • The statements in project proposal text should not be substantially similar to the statements in the projects previously submitted to our Institution (including the projects running and concluded),
  • The persons in the project team should not have ongoing, concluded or recently proposed projects submitted to TÜBİTAK or to a different institution / organization with the same / similar content of the proposal.
  • The project does not include field work in abroad,
  • The amount of fund requested from TÜBİTAK should not exceed the upper budget limits determined for the program. (The amount of fund requested in "General Budget Table” in the “Annex-2 Budget and Justification” should not differ from the amounts requested during the online application.)
  • Submission of plan for filed study which will be carried out within the scope of the project,
  • Completing the application steps in the Online Application System completely, making sure that the files uploaded to the system are opened and the correct document,
  • The e-signature process must be completed (The persons in the project team - the PI, the researcher, the consultant - the rights holders other than the project team, and all the executive / participant institutions / organizations must have qualified electronic certificates),
  • As an authorized officer for e-signature ; the signature of the Rector or authorized Vice Rector in universities and hospitals /Institutes affiliated to universities, Hospital Director, Chief Physician or authorized Deputy Chief Physician in hospitals, the General Manager or Deputy General Manager / President or Deputy President for other institutions is required,
  • The project complies with the research project criteria, should not be a routine study for the assessment of current situation or data collection,
  • The project is not aimed at creating infrastructure,
  • The list of references attached should be associated with the text, and all the studies referred in the project proposal should be included in the list of References, 
  • Determine whether the project requires an Ethics Committee Approval and Legal / Private Permit. If required, in case the project is decided to be supported, the documents should be submitted fully within the time given and in desired format. If the documents cannot be obtained within the given time, the project will not be implemented. Thus, the application to the relevant organizations to get these documents should not be delayed. (Ethics Committee Approval Information, Legal/Private Permits Information),
  • If an application was previously submitted to TÜBİTAK with the same project proposal, and it is evaluated as insufficient in terms of the scientific excellence criterion twice, an application cannot be submitted for the third time with the same project proposal.
  • The persons working in TÜBİTAK Headquarters / Institutes are not included in the project team as PI / researcher.