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•    I will apply to the 1002 Program. In former applications, there were forms titled “Acceptance and Commitment Statements” (Kabul ve Taahhüt Beyanları) and  “Right Ownership Declaration” (Hak Sahipliği Beyanı) signed by the project team and the authorized officials from the institution / organization where the project team work and sent in hard copy. In new applications, are these forms requested in hard copy?

No, since the e-signature process is used while the applications are submitted, applications are no longer required to be submitted in hard copy. When you start the e-signature process, requests are sent to the relevant people and the signing process of the forms is completed electronically.

•    The 1002 project which I applied previously was returned without evaluating scientifically/ not supported as a result of scientific evaluation, can I apply with the same Project again?

You can apply with the same Project (except for the Special Reject-Özel Ret projects) by revising the Project in line with return letter/evaluation report.

•    When adding researchers to the project team in the Project Application System, is the contribution ratio and type of ownership the same as the status and ratio mentioned in the “Intellectual Property Rights Protocol” document? What is the difference between these expressions?

Contribution ratio to the project is information on how much of the work packages the researcher will contribute. Contribution of a researcher to work packages can be at least 10% and maximum 50%. The total contribution ratio of the researchers cannot exceed 100%.

Right ownership status entered in PBS indicates the ownership of the project team members on the application form of the project. When you complete the application steps of the Rights Ownership Declaration page that expresses the intellectual right of the content of the project application form, it is automatically created by the system and added to the files you will sign with e-signature.

The Intellectual Property Rights Protocol is regulated for the right ownerships of intellectual products likely to derive from the project. Due to the legislation, both the project team and the institution/organization where the project will be carried out may have rights on the project outputs. You are expected to decide on the status and ratio of this right ownership with this protocol (by contacting the executive organization).

•    In how many 1002 projects and how many ARDEB projects can I be principal investigator (PI)/ researcher / consultant at the same time?

A person can be a PI at the same time in two 1002 projects or PI in one 1002 project and researcher in two 1002 projects or researcher in four 1002 projects.

Within the scope of the support programs carried out by ARDEB (except for 1002 projects and international projects), one can be PI in three projects or PI in two projects and researcher in two projects, or PI in one project, researcher in four projects or researcher in six projects. The number of projects that a person takes part as a consultant is limited to six.

•    Are my projects that are currently in the proposal phase (draft, approved, e-signature process completed) and / or whose evaluation process is ongoing are also accepted within the application limits?

Yes, these projects are also accepted within the application limits.

•    Are my projects, whose final report has been submitted but the status has not changed as concluded yet, accepted within the application limits?

Yes, these projects are also accepted within the application limits.

•    Where can I follow the situation of my project?

You can follow the status of your project in the ARDEB Project Tasks menu in PBS. In addition, any positive or negative changes (return, support decision, rejection decision) regarding the status of your Project are sent to you by e-mail.

•    Can I add foreign researchers / consultants to my project?

No, foreign researchers / consultants cannot be added to 1002 projects.

•    If my 1002-Short Term project is accepted, can I get a Project Incentive Bonus?

No, Project Incentive Bonus is not provided for Short Term projects.

•    Some part of the project I have prepared needs to be carried out abroad. Can I do field study abroad as part of the 1002-Short Term program?

No, the Short Term Program does not cover international studies.

•    No field was opened in the Project Application System for Intellectual Property Rights Protocol, Ethics Committee Approval document, Legal / Private Permit document, Support Letter and Proforma Invoices, do I need to send it by mail?

No, these documents do not need to be sent at the application stage. If it is decided to support your project, it is expected that the documents will be delivered to our Institution in full and in the desired format within the time given by the relevant Research Support Group. If the documents cannot be obtained within the time given, it will not be possible to implement the project.

•    For the project application which we planned to submit within the scope of 1002 projects, we could not reach the application form at http://ardeb-pbs.tubitak.gov.tr . Will the application forms used in previous periods be valid for this year or will a new format be used? 

Current application forms for the program can be accessed from the page below, and if the current forms are not used, the projects are returned without scientific evaluation.


•    I applied with the same project proposal before, however my project was returned without scientific. In this case, will I fill in the "Project Proposal Modification Form" when applying for the new period?

You do not need to fill in the "Project Proposal Modification Form" for projects that have been returned due to their formal deficiencies.

•    Is it necessary to prepare a CV/resume for scholars?

No, it is not required.

•    Are there any documents that I need to send in print after completing my electronic application?

No, since the applications are received by e-signature, there is no document that you need to send in print. 

•    I am a PhD student; can I be a PI or researcher in 1002-Short Term projects?

If you have received your qualification, you can apply to the 1002 program as a PI with a project related to your approved thesis topic. It is required to work as a faculty member in order PhD students to participate as researchers in 1002 projects.

•    What is the Project Application Rationale? Which rationale should I choose for my project?

The first option should be selected if the 1002 program is used to meet a complementary and urgent need arising in projects carried out with the support of Scientific Research Projects (BAP) in other institutions / organizations or universities, other than the projects carried out within the scope of TÜBİTAK support programs. As a result of this selection, the files of the project where additional support is requested should be loaded in the field to be opened in the Additional Files section.

If the PI is a PhD student, the option of “Meeting the need arising during the Execution of the Doctorate Thesis” should be selected and the stage of the thesis and the reason and content of the support requested from TÜBİTAK should be specified in the field opened in the same section. If the PI has a doctorate degree and plans to make a 1002 application within the scope of his doctorate studies, it is not preferable to choose this option. For applications other than the above, The Other option should be checked.