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  • The fellow must start fellowship within one year from the date of TÜBİTAK’s approval. Otherwise, the fellow relinquishes the fellowship and cannot claim any rights.
  • The fellow is required to submit a progress report at the 6th month of fellowship period. Continuation of the fellowship is fully dependent on the approval of the report.
  • Progress Report must be sent within the following 10 days after the specified date to you. Final report must be sent within one month after the end of the fellowship period. Both of them must be signed by the fellow and the hosting researcher, and then must be sent to TÜBİTAK.
  • The fellow is required to inform TÜBİTAK about any financial support that he/she receives from an institution in Turkey within 15 days from the received date of the support. If the fellow is supported financially by any institution in Turkey, amount of the stipend is predetermined by BİDEB Group Executive Committee.
  • If the fellow leaves Turkey before the end of the fellowship period, the fellow and the scientist in charge have to inform TÜBİTAK 15 days prior to the departure. No payment is made after the departure date. If any payments are made after the departure date, payback is required.
  • The Fellow have to pursue his/her research studies full-time in the hosting institution during the fellowship period. If the Fellow leaves Turkey for more than 15 days during the fellowship period, he/she has to obtain TÜBİTAK’s approval before the departure.  Otherwise, the stipend is suspended during the period of absence. The fellow has the right to use annual leave not more than two weeks