Monitoring Procedures and Monitoring Forms

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Start of Fellowship

Fellows must start their research after submission of below documents within 5 months from the date they are notified about the fellowship. Researchers may request to extend start date of project due to extraordinary circumstances. However, the extension is subject  SC approval and cannot be more than 6 months.

  • Grant agreement must be signed by researcher, mentor and rector or vice rector or head of non-academic institution,
  • All CoCirculation2 fellows will sign a fixed-term employment contract with respective host institutions. Contract must be send to TÜBİTAK within 10 business days from the start date of Project,
  • If proposal requires ethical approval, fellow must obtain the approval from host institution’s ethical committee prior to start date of project. In the absence of the ethical committee of the institution, the approval from any relevant committee should be submitted.

Start of Secondment

Proposal with secondment requires support letter from the secondment host organizations, which must be finalized before the start of the secondment. If the secondment host organization is a university, it should be signed from rector or vice rector if not, head of institutions. 

Progress and Final Reports

Fellows must submit progress and final report on dates that are specified in the grant agreement.
Progress reports must be submitted within two weeks of due date, final report must be submitted within one month of the due date.
Progress and final reports are evaluated by the experts. Revision is required if reports are evaluated as unsatisfactory.
Fellows may be invited to TÜBİTAK to provide information about the project related developments. TÜBİTAK may assign an official to monitor or inspect project on host institution.
In case the host institutions/organization is a private sector organization, progress reports and result reports; in case of a university only the final report must be approved by a certified public accountant.