M-ERA.NET 2021 Call Opened

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The goal of the M-ERA.NET 3 project 2021 call will include modelling studies in the field of advanced materials engineering, surfaces, interfaces, coatings, composites, functional materials, materials for healthcare applications, biomaterials, materials and material technologies for additive manufacturing and nano/micro materials. For this purpose, M-ERA.NET 3 project 2021 call was opened as of 15/03/2021 for the following areas:

  • Modelling Studies in Materials Engineering Subjects (processing, properties and durability)
  • Innovative Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces
  • High Performance Composites
  • Functional Materials
  • New Strategies for Advanced Material-Based Technologies for Health Applications
  • Materials for Additive Manufacturing

The first stage application dates for the call, which will take place in two stages, are planned as follows.

• Deadline for submission of 1st stage applications (pre-proposal) via http://www.m-era.net 15.06.2021 (CET 12.00 pm)

• Deadline for stage 1 national application to be made via TÜBİTAK PBS (https://uidb-pbs.tubitak.gov.tr) (Deadline to complete the application with electronic signature): 25.06.2021 (17:30 TSI)

In the 2021 call of the M-ERA.NET project, there are a total of 43 institutions / organizations, including TÜBİTAK as the project partner. At least 3 partners from at least 2 different countries (at least 1 European or associated country) participating in the 2021 Call (all of them must request financial support from the fund organizations participating in the call). Partners who do not want financing can join the consortium of at least 3 partners from 2 different countries in addition. Detailed information about the issues prioritized within the scope of the M-ERA.NET 3 project 2021 call and about the call can be accessed at https://www.m-era.net/joint-calls/joint-call-2021

Companies/researchers are funded by the funding agency in their home country. The companies / researchers residing in Turkey will be supported within the framework of the "Support Program for Increasing the Capacity to Benefit from TÜBİTAK 1071 International Research Funds and Participation in International R&D Collaborations".

The application rules published at https://uidb-pbs.tubitak.gov.tr/ where national applications will be made, should be examined in detail before the application. If the application rules are not followed, it may be possible that the application will be returned without being evaluated.


Burcu KOÇ HASKILIÇ (For your questions about M-Era.Net)


Tel: 0312 298 9467

e-mail: burcu.haskilic@tubitak.gov.tr


Tayyip KÖSOĞLU (For your questions about the TÜBİTAK1071)


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