Higher in UAV Technology!

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International Free Mission Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition organized by TUBITAK for the first time this year within the scope of TEKNOFEST, high school and other school students in TURKEY and TRNC, BILSEM and Experimental Technology Workshops, Science Centers and Science Workshops aim to direct high school-level students, national, international associate, undergraduate and graduate students to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technologies, intends to develop their worlds of dreams ideas without any category and mandate, and promote all kinds of scientific, technological, skill and skill-based flights with UAVs of different structures (fixed wing, rotary wing, hybrid, flapping wing, etc.) and aims to make our country successful in UAV technology a meeting point for national and international students.

  • Set up your team
  • Design your dream 
  • Take flight

The competition, organized with the above slogan, includes the following features:

  • Teams will be able to participate with their UAVs up to 25 kg!
  • Teams will be able to raise their UAVs up to an altitude of 400 feet!
  • Teams will be able to compete with all kinds of UAVs such as fixed wing, rotary wing, flapping wing, hybrid, etc.! 
  • The mission will be determined entirely by themselves!
  • Teams can be provided with preparation support up to 18,000 TL!
  • Teams will be rewarded up to 50 thousand TL according to their performance level!
  • All kinds of UAVs will be evaluated according to the announced performance criteria!
  • The competition, where knowledge, technology, competition, and excitement will peak, will be the meeting point of ambitious national and international students in UAV technologies!

The competition will be held between 13 - 18 September 2021 at Yunuseli Airport / BURSA. Applications are received from https://kys.turkiyeteknolojitakimi.org