“COMSATS – National Research Center, Egypt Postdoctoral Fellowship Program” is Open for Applications!

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A postdoctoral fellowship program named "COMSATS - National Research Center, Egypt (NRC) Post-Doctoral Scholarship" has been announced with the cooperation between COMSATS (Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South - COMSATS) and NRC for the researchers from COMSATS Member States.


NRC Egypt's largest multidisciplinary R&D center is aimed at promoting basic and applied research in industry, public health and other national economy sectors. NRC has offered five postdoctoral fellowship, annually, to the researchers belonging to COMSATS’ Member States. The program subjects are: "Biomaterials for Medical Applications", "Textile Chemistry and Technology", "Plant Biotechnology", "Synthesis of Nano-material as Electro-catalyst for Fuel Cell Application or Nanoparticles for Solar Energy Conversion" and "Polymer Synthesis and Application".


Candidates who will apply for the program,


  • Working one of the research institutions or universities in COMSATS’ Member States
  • Submit a research proposal in coordination with a Professor in NRC relevant to one of the five mentioned fields
  • Have been awarded his/her Ph. D. degree not before 1st of July 2015
  • Be between 30 – 40 years old
  • Have adequate command of English language.

During the scholarship period of 1-2 months based on the research proposal, accommodation, transportation and research expenses will be provided by NRC, Egypt.

The deadline for applications is 30th September, 2018. The final results of the applications will be announced on or before 31th January 2019. The proposal application form and the scholarship brochure can be reached here.


About the details of the application please contact to conf@trdegypt.org e-mail address.

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