Announcement about ARBIS

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In order to improve the processes and procedures of meetings and payments made within the scope of TUBITAK Support Programmes Directorates, several studies have been carried out. In this regard, the main aim was to better both the processes and procedures of Group Steering Board (GYK) meetings, Advisory Board (DK) meetings, group panels etc. and of the payments made to reviewers, observers, consultants that take place in project evaluation and monitoring.

Within the framework of these studies, a list covering the information on payments made since 01/01/2018 to the above mentioned people will be available in TUBITAK Researcher Information System (ARBIS).  

In this way, people that receive payment based on their service will be able to see and follow up the payment information on ARBIS.

To access the relevant page, please use the menu and follow these steps: "Personal Information" > "Bank Account Info" , Payment Information (History)


Or please click on