TÜBİTAK Bülten / Sayı 154 - Ekim 2014 - page 16

Opening and Welcome
Professor Ahmet Cevat ACAR
President of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA)
ERC in the European and Turkish
Research Landscape
Keynote Speech
Professor Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON
President of the European Research Council (ERC)
Turkish Vision for Science
Technology and Innovation
Professor Yücel ALTUNBAŞAK
President of The Scientific and Technological
Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK)
Universities’ Perspective
A University Promotion System
Encouraging High Impact Research
Professor Abdullah ATALAR, Rector of Bilkent University
IZTECH practice of fostering research and
innovation ecosystem for young researchers
Professor Mustafa GÜDEN, Rector of İzmir Institute of
Research and Innovation in Turkey:
Government-Industry-University Relations
Professor İrşadi AKSUN, Vice-Rector of Koç University
Integrating teaching, research & innovation:
The METU Experience
Professor Ahmet ACAR, Rector of Middle East Technical
Cross-Cultural Academic Engagements,
Collaborations, and Results: Mentoring and Metrics
Professor Nihat BERKER, Rector of Sabancı University
ERC Grant Holders’ Perspective
in Nanomaterials & Nanophotonics
A new fabrication scheme in nanotechnology
Professor Mehmet BAYINDIR, Bilkent University
in Physics & Photonics
My CoG on laser-controlled self-assembly
- straddling the border between basic science
and engineering
Associate Professor Ömer İLDAY, Bilkent University
in Engineering & Nanosciences
Bio-inspired Nanoscale Communications
Professor Özgür Barış AKAN, Koç University
in Engineering & Bio-Inspired Fluid Dynamics
Sustaining cutting-edge research in cardiovascular
engineering as an ERC awardee of Turkey
Assistant Professor Kerem PEKKAN, Koç University
in Engineering &Wearable 3D Technologies
Story of My AdG Proposal and My Experience
as Starting Grant Panelist
Professor Hakan ÜREY, Koç University
Early/Mid Career Researchers’ Perspective
in Medicine & Endocrinology
Investigating human puberty;
perspectives and challenges
Professor Kemal TOPALOĞLU, Çukurova University
in Social Sciences
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