Undergraduate-Graduate Scholarships for Turkish Citizens

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Undergraduate scholarships: 

Three types of university undergraduate scholarships are available: for students receiving medals from the National Science Olympiads, the International Science Olympiads and the National Secondary School Research Projects Contest.

Graduate scholarships:

Graduate Scholarship Programme for Least Developed Countries provides opportunities for MSc or PhD studies. Two eligible applications (MSc or PhD) from each LDC will be awarded in every year. Duration of the programme is 10 years.

  • National Scholarship Programme for MSc Students

a scholarship programme for students studying for an MSc with a thesis requirement in a university in Turkey.

  • National Scholarship Programme for PhD Students

a scholarship programme for students pursuing a PhD in a university in Turkey.

  • International PhD Fellowship Programme

Graduate students who are pursuing their PhD studies at research centres or universities abroad are supported in the fields determined by TÜBİTAK’s Scientific Council.

  • International Research Fellowship Programme

PhD students who are registered in PhD programmes in Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities and Engineering and Technological Sciences at universities or research centres in Turkey are supported to perform research abroad that cannot be performed within the infrastructure in Turkey.

  • National Summer School Support Programme for Turkish Master and PhD Students

Summer schools are supported to adopt the current advances in Science and Technology and to teach the currently used techniques in the fields of Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technological Sciences  and Social Sciences and Humanities.