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TÜBİTAK has achieved another technological break-through in Turkey. TUBİTAK has developed a photo detector using national resources. These photo detectors can be produced only in a few countries, which possess advanced semiconductor technologies. These detectors were subject to import until today, but now they are produced locally. TUBİTAK’s photo detectors have wider dynamic range and higher responsiveness compared to their international competitors in the market.


Since the GSM network has serious security flaws, TUBITAK BILGEM UEKAE designed "MILCEP−K2 Crypto Mobile Phone" with the following features:

Landmine Detection by 3D

ETMTS−2 (SEZER) is a new generation hand−held mine detection system containing both Metal Detector (EMI) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) sensors operating in challenging military conditions.
The operator can localize both metallic and non−metallic buried mines or IED’s through a scanning path and may identify the buried objects utilizing automatic classification software.

AKIS - Smart ID

AKIS is a nationally developed smart card operating system. AKIS runs on a microprocessor that gives security services and offers electronic signature, encryption, and carrying secure key services. In daily life, smart cards that carry AKIS can be used for electronic signatures, electronic ID cards, credit cards, and public transportation.

AKIS is designed to run on 8051 based microprocessors and has passed the Common Criteria CC EAL 5+ security evaluation.


RASAT is the second remote-sensing satellite after the launch of Turkey’s first remote sensing satellite BİLSAT of TÜBİTAK UZAY. RASAT, having a high-resolution optical imaging system and new modules developed by Turkish engineers, will be the first Earth-observation satellite to be designed and manufactured in Turkey.

To improve know-how from design phase to in-orbit commissioning phase of a satellite project gained from BiLSAT Project,


Firearms leave unique marks on fired bullets and cartridge cases when they are used. When the marks on two bullets or cartridge cases are compared, one can determine whether these have been fired from the same firearm or not. In this way, the relations between different events can be established.

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